Our Beppu reimen is made with sincerity and uncompromising heart.

From grandfather to grandchild,
from grandchild to you

Beppu reimen was originated and introduced by cooks who had returned from Manchuria in around 1950, ever since then, it has been very popular here in Beppu. Beppu reimen of Ikkyu no namida began from a noodle making factory which was run by my grandparents. Immediately after the war, my grandfather brought a noodle making machine from Manchuria because he wanted everyone to be full and satisfied.

There were the creak sounds of noodles when extruded and the scent of kabosu which was squeezed by my grandmother.
A reimen bowl carefully and wholeheartedly made by my grandparents was a very delicious and comfort food.

Freshly made noodles are the most sumptuous meal.
I wanted to spread this taste to people, so I naturally began learning to make noodles by watching my grandfather.

A blessing in disguise

It is not easy to find the best condition of noodles, even if I repeatedly experienced in the different humidity, temperature, climate, and water thousands of times. Nevertheless, when I make noodles everyday in spring, summer, fall, and winter, there is a moment when the dough smiles at me. The moment is as if it says to me, “if you take care of me with more tears, I may smile at you”.The quality of the noodles and soup has been developed through a little daily effort. Even if we repeat two steps forward, one step back over again, our continuous effort with namida (tears) and passion of the team that has been acting made Ikkyu no namida.

Our pursuit of the multi-hydrolysis
and extrusion process

By extruding the dough containing a lot of water under high pressure, it realizes unique and strong chewiness and provides a smooth and slippery feeling in the throat.
Our homemade noodles which we take a lot of time and labor for, are impossible to crank out, but we are proud of the taste of them, which you have never tasted elsewhere.

Beef bone soup stock and
kabosu pepper

The soup is additive-free and very carefully cooked, which luxury uses the best Makurazaki skipjack tuna, rausu kombu, and beef bones in Japan.
By adding just a little bit of kabosu pepper, it will melt a fresh scent, sour, and spicy taste in your mouth. We imagined the dignified and profound image of Japanese women to create this taste.

We have to have food to live. Life is short. Since you are here, you might as well have something delicious and healthy, and I want you to be happy. Please enjoy our best bowl with secret ingredients which contain our wishes for family and precious people.


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